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Extreme Adjustments - High-Velocity Low-Amplitude or HVLA Technique (Allen, TX)*

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A common method used in chiropractic care that restores realignment is high-velocity low-amplitude, also known as HVLA or extreme adjustments. The HVLA is one of the oldest and most frequently used techniques in chiropractic care that can be used to treat back pain, neck pain, migraines, and whiplash. Extreme or HVLA adjustments are just one of the techniques used by board-certified chiropractor Dr. Michael Wojnicki at Global Chiropractic in Allen, TX. His extensive training and experience allow him to safely perform extreme adjustments on his North Dallas patients when needed for pain relief. Each patient's care is personalized to their needs, so Dr. Wojnicki may use HLVA techniques only as needed or during routine adjustments to make sure the body remains aligned.

Common Techniques

Diversified Technique

The diversified technique is the most common extreme adjustment that uses a short, quick thrust to restore the joint's range of motion.

Gonstead Adjustment

Sometimes known as the Palmer-Gonstead technique, a Gonstead adjustment puts the patient in a specific position on a special table or chair to get the best results.

Thompson Terminal Point Technique

Also known as the drop technique, the Thompson terminal point technique for extreme adjustments uses a special table that raises up the joint then pressure is applied to drop the joint and table back into place.

What to Expect

The patient's most important job during an HVLA adjustment is to relax, breathe, and let the chiropractor move them into the correct position. Tensing up can limit the effectiveness of the adjustment, so some patients may want to look into relaxation techniques to use during their treatment. During extreme adjustments, you may hear a crack during the movement, which is actually caused by gas escaping from the spinal joints. The crack doesn't mean that the adjustment worked or didn't, it just happens in some cases and not in others. Don't worry if you hear a crack and don't worry if you hear nothing.

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Extreme Relief

For maximum relief during your chiropractic treatment, the doctor may use high-velocity, low-amplitude or extreme adjustments to safely re-position your joints or spine. Learn more about the techniques and benefits of extreme chiropractic adjustments at your appointment.

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